trois tubes de Nociceptol Gel anti-douleur

NOCICEPTOL® Pain Relieving Gel is a gel that calms and soothes post-traumatic joint and muscle pain through its combined heating and cooling action. The sensation of heat varies according to the user. Its effectiveness is enhanced by essential oils, which bring natural benefits.

Non-greasy – Does not stain – Non-sticky

The Pain Relieving Gel eases :

  • muscle pain,
  • joint pain,
  • post-trauma pain.

NOCICEPTOL Pain Relieving Gel® also reduces the spreading of oedema. It is thus indicated in the event of muscle spasm, sprains, muscle strain, bruising, pulled muscles, stretched ligaments and various traumas. The efficacy of the Pain Relieving Gel has been scientifically demonstrated in an in-vivo study (Ref I2POGADO2, November 2013)


Menthol – Camphor – Green Clay – Devil’s Claw – Horsetail – Peppermint – Rosemary – Cajeput

NOCICEPTOL Pain Relieving Gel with essential oils is a CE marked medical device. Read the instructions carefully before use.


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